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With All Our Hearts

The other day as I sat down to do a distance Reiki session, I dropped into my heart and intuitively set the intention to send loving support to my client. My “Reiki chair” is right next to the cat tree, where Faro was in a deep slumber. The moment I started the energy flowing, Faro abruptly stood up, looked down at me, closed his eyes, and got still. I felt Faro tuning into my heart’s intention, in sync with the energy. I hadn’t consciously asked for it, but there was my Reiki assistant reporting for duty.

Every morning I connect in with Mr. Big, a horse I worked with during workshops in Costa Rica. Recently he reminded me about when, the day after I was matched with him, our group sat in a circle in the arena. Our horses hung out outside of our circle, doing whatever they wanted. We had been taught the day before how to physically approach our horses, with the utmost respect and courtesy. During the group discussion, I felt overwhelming love for Mr. Big (yeah, I know—I’d just met him!), and I wondered to myself how he would feel if I spontaneously wrapped my arms around him in a hug sometime…or if that would be disrespecting his boundaries.

The next thing I knew, Mr. Big walked from behind me straight across the arena and gently touched his mouth to the top of my head—a straight-up kiss. The workshop facilitator immediately asked me what I was thinking and feeling right before he came over. She was sure it was what led Mr. Big to kiss me.

Lately I’ve been feeling super helpless, stuck at home while people dear to me are feeling ill or are grieving. I text, I call, I say I wish I could hug them and be with them. One of my friends who’s having a challenging time asked me to simply hold her in my heart—she said that’s what helps her.

Faro and Mr. Big are glowing examples of what happens when we set an intention and hold someone in our hearts—we connect into the energy of love and move that energy in significant ways. Think about how good your body feels when you feel love, as opposed to when you feel nervous or afraid. The energy of what we think and feel affects our bodies, our animals, our loved ones, and the world around us.

Today I again drew the Dove card that I wrote about last week, and this time this line jumped out at me: “When your energy field contains the keys and codes to peace and harmony, you become a catalyst for transformation.”

The key is your heart, the code is love. All of us have access to that. We aren’t helpless—we’re powerful, even from home.

Sending ❤️ to all.

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