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Where Will We Land?

This past weekend I took a Zoom mastermind mediumship class with my teacher Lisa Williams. The first morning, she assigned us to breakout rooms to practice with a partner. As Zoom held me in limbo before my partner was revealed, my mind raced: “Am I in the zone enough to bring my partner’s loved one through from the other side? Will my partner be cool? Which of my clan will she bring in for me?”

Then to my shock, Lisa Williams appeared as my partner. For a split second, the pressure of reading my world-renown-psychic-medium teacher sunk in. Then Lisa apologized and explained that she needed be available to help each group, so she popped me into a Zoom room with two other students. But just as soon as she put me there, she popped me back out and into a room with a student I’ll call Laura whose partner had dropped off the call.

It was a whirlwind experience to be bounced around, but as soon as I landed, Laura brought through a man who passed in his forties (we’ll call him Ted), who reminded her of her friend, and who was probably connected to my boyfriend, not me. I took notes on all that came through about this man, but I had no idea who he was. When it was my turn to read Laura, I immediately connected with a man (we’ll call him Joe) who told me lots of great info about himself. Laura knew exactly who he was—the friend who Ted reminded her of.

After that on our lunch break, Laura turned on her TV and Joe’s last name appeared on the screen. I shared my notes with my boyfriend, who confirmed he knew Ted, whom Laura brought through. When we talked later, Laura and I realized Ted and Joe had a ton in common. I had to wonder, did these two guys on the other side work some Zoom magic so Laura and I would be paired and have this extraordinary experience?

Years ago I became ill, developed chronic health issues and then lost my beloved cat Willow. Those incidents magically led me to study Reiki and intuitive animal communication which changed my life in big ways. I totally felt thrown and lost, and then I landed in a wonderful place.

We’re experiencing the world shaking things up in the most extreme way right now. But once we begin to recover from all the grief, loss, and hardship, I have to believe we’ll land in a place of greater clarity and know how to better live in global kindness, respect, and peace. We don’t get to that place of magic if life rolls on status quo with no changes.

The Zoom box told me “It may take a few moments” while I was in limbo before revealing my partner and that magical experience. No truer words were displayed.

Here’s wishing everyone patience, strength, and a safe, healthy landing. ❤️

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