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Seeing (and Hearing and Feeling) the Light

Lately I’ve been reading about auras, the energy fields that surround our physical bodies, that can appear like a vibrant glow around us. Once in a while, I will see an aura, like when I attended a workshop a few years back. As the speaker started describing a charitable foundation she created, I suddenly saw a bright white glow around her head that then turned to a beautiful shade of aqua blue.

psychic session with cat's aura

So the other day, I took a quiz to see what my main aura color most likely is. The quiz consisted of mostly personality and likes/dislikes questions. I asked my boyfriend to take it too. Then, without sharing our results with each other, we attempted to see each other’s auras. I was pretty psyched afterwards when we found that the colors we saw around each other matched our quiz results. (If you want to try it, have someone stand against a white background. Look at the top of their head, but soften your gaze and let your vision fall out of focus. First you may see a bright white glow around their head, and then a few seconds later a color may appear.)

By the way, my boyfriend isn’t a professional psychic, medium, or animal communicator, but he is open to trying this stuff. Anyone can see an aura — it’s one of the best pieces of evidence that energy is real, that we’re made of energy, and that energy carries information, since different aura colors can relate to different characteristics that make up who we are.

What I love is that an aura is energy we can literally see with our physical eyes. Since we can experience and connect with energy through our physical bodies, that means energetic information is accessible to all of us, whether we’re living the woo-woo life or not.

When I do Reiki for animals, it can be so clear how they feel and receive the energy through their physical bodies. I used to have a cat who, during a Reiki session, would push her head into one of my hands and keep it pressed there, soaking in the beautiful vibration. Another time, a horse client at a riding school immediately turned his body around and gently pressed his back left hip into my hands as I was starting to share the Reiki with him. Afterwards, a student at the school told me that horse had been having trouble with his back left hip and leg. In both cases, the cat and horse felt the healing energy viscerally, loved it and leaned into it. Have you ever entered a room and become aware of a happy, cozy, or safe feeling in your body? It’s the same thing — you’re feeling the energy of the room and receiving its information.

We hear energy every day when we listen to music, or traffic, or the ocean (the vibrations of sound waves). One time I was alone in my apartment and heard my name. I immediately turned my head to the right, toward where I heard it come from in the room, but I saw nothing. I thought it was pretty super weird! Then two weeks later, in a mediumship class, another medium brought through one of my cats on the other side and said, “Your cat is saying when you hear your name, that’s her.” I was floored! Our loved ones on the other side are pure energy and have access to an infinite number of ways to reach out to us with their messages, and any of our senses can receive them.

The more we’re aware of all the ways we can interact with the energy around us, the more our psychic senses will grow, too. All of it — physical matter and psychic frequency — is who we wholly are. The more we become who we are, the more the world lights up. When that speaker in the workshop was talking about her charity, she was expressing something her heart and soul loved and aligned with. And that’s when she and her energy glowed, for real, right here on earth. 💜

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