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New York: The City of Angels

There’s a video circulating on social media from Bill Hart called “shoulder taps." He explains that one time in a restaurant, he felt a strong urge to tell an elderly lady that she looked lovely. She replied that her husband passed one year ago and that’s exactly something he would have said to her. Bill feels this was a “shoulder tap” that happens when you’re in perfect alignment with spirit and are guided to do something.

This immediately reminded me of one morning five years ago, when I received a message that there was a fire in my office building. No one was hurt, but I was told to go to another location to work for the day. I took a bus there, one that I normally wouldn’t take since it was a whole new route for me.

Despite noticing plenty of empty seats in the front of the bus, I walked to the middle and sat right next to a woman. As soon as I sat down, I saw that all the other seats on the bus were empty—the woman was the only passenger besides me. I started to panic—I could have taken a seat literally anywhere, so why did I pick the one right next to the only other person on the bus? She must have thought I was a weirdo…or worse. It’s New York, after all, and you never know what people are up to.

As I was trying to figure out how to move seats and not appear any weirder, the woman started up a conversation with me—turns out she didn’t mind me sitting there at all. She spoke to me about angels, which I thought was so crazy cool since I had just read the book Angels in My Hair, written by Lorna Byrne, about her ability to see angels in everyday life. To this day it’s my favorite book.

Then the woman told me she was coming from the doctor where she had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. She talked to me about her fears and how she felt she needed to connect to angels to help her get through it, and so I told her about Lorna Byrne’s book. She promised me she’d read it. As I got up to get off at my stop, she said, “There’s a reason you sat next to me today.”

I know that was a shoulder tap from the angels telling me where to sit. Who knows—did they even start the fire in my office so I’d take that bus? (Do angels start fires?) And how many other people did they tap that day so they’d be “randomly” in the right place at the right time? I agree with Bill Hart about listening to the taps—no matter how weird they feel. Can’t wait to see what’s on tap for today.

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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