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You Asked for It. You Got It.

There’s a great book by Esther and Jerry Hicks called Ask and It Is Given, which is about how the universe gives us whatever we ask for. The trick is that the universe matches our vibration, not our words. So if we say, I hope I don’t get stuck in traffic today, we’re thinking about getting stuck in traffic, and that’s what we get.

Last month I had surgery to remove a kidney stone. Leading up to it, I was really, really scared, as I’ve never had surgery before, and the thought of being at the mercy of other humans while being completely helpless under anesthesia was super daunting. But did you see what I did there? I was concentrating on the bad stuff.

So the night before the surgery, I flipped the script and asked the universe for all the good stuff. I asked that every person I was to encounter in pre-op would be the perfect match for what I needed, full of support and nurturing energy. I asked for everything to go smoothly, and lastly, I asked that I encounter someone named Michael as a sign from Archangel Michael, who for me is the ultimate protector.

When I arrived at the hospital, the pre-op nurse who asked me a list of questions was delightful, cheerful, and even made me laugh. The next person to walk in was a handsome man who reached out his hand to me and said, “Hi, I’m Mike, your anesthesiologist.” And then I knew for sure I’d be OK. Not only was this my Michael, but he was going to protect me and keep a close eye on my vitals all through the surgery. Plus, he was delightful and made me laugh, too.

Then when the nurse told me I’d be taken to the OR in the next three minutes, it all became REALLY real…I started to get shaky and freak out. Enter Claude, an older gentleman pushing a wheelchair, who introduced himself as my escort to the OR. As I got into the chair, he said, “Do you speak French?”

I was completely blown away. There was no way this man could know that I had been a French major in college and studied in France for a year. When I asked how he knew, he simply said that “Julie” is a French name, is it not? Well, technically it’s Latin, but I took this situation for what it was: pure magic. Claude and I then had a lovely conversation in French, from the fourth floor to the sixth floor, that distracted me from my fears and put me in a truly happy state.

As I lay on the table in the OR, Mike was super attentive and explained everything that was happening. As he leaned over me and administered the anesthesia, the last thing I saw was the badge on his scrubs that read “Michael.”

The surgery went perfectly, and now that I’ve gotten past a rough recovery, I feel like I have a brand-new back, minus that horrible chronic pain.

I know how hard it is to believe that we can manifest our desires, but I hope my pre-op experience can offer some proof that when we ask, it is given.

The best part? We can never really imagine all the gifts the universe can give us. When I woke up in the hospital the morning after my surgery, a lovely man introduced himself to me as the doctor who would take care of me that day, first name Michael.

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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