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Blue Flowers, Pinching Crabs & Bare Feet

The other day I was asked to speak to a group of people about a travel experience I had back in August 2016. I hesitated, because to tell the true story, I’d have to admit to some serious fears.

So…why not admit them here as well, right?

I’ve never been an adventurous person, and truthfully, a lot of stuff has always scared me. I also let chronic health issues hold me back from doing major travel. But I had a strong feeling I needed to go on a swimming-with-wild-dolphins trip to Bimini, and so I did. (Total transparency: the first day there I had a breakdown—tears and everything—feeling like, what was I thinking believing I could do this??)

Turns out it was the best thing I’d ever done—but before I realized that, I went on an excursion to the Healing Hole, a dark, mysterious pond under a cluster of mangrove trees. Turns out the boat couldn't take us right up to the hole, so my group had to trudge on our own through marshland for a mile to get there. I saw the expanse of quick-sandy muck ahead of us and knew I’d never be able to do it. The others had water shoes; I was barefoot. I was way too tired. It was crazy hot. And what was living in that muck anyway?

But the moment I stepped out of the boat something came over me. I raised my arms and proclaimed “To the Healing Hole!” and proceeded to lead the group through the marsh. Immediately, a crab bit my toe. I kept going. After a mile of slow, squishy steps trying to avoid a million blue-flower-things, crabs, and other unidentifiable stuff, we entered a narrow canal, continuing waist-deep in dark, murky water. As who-knows-what brushed my legs, I prayed to get in and out of this adventure safely.

We finally got to the little hole, floated, and chanted to invoke the healing energy. Then someone said, “Julie, you did such a good job leading us here, can you lead us back?” I was shocked to hear that, despite all my fears, I was a successful leader in this Raiders-of-the-Lost-Ark wilderness scenario. For some reason I said yes, I'd lead everyone back.

That night at dinner, the captain of our dolphin boat listened to our story, and casually said, “Oh, you know those things that look like blue flowers are actually jellyfish, right?”

So it had been even scarier than I thought! But what did it matter? I came with plenty of my own fears. And somehow, I conquered them. In reality, nothing held me back—I accomplished the journey and even led others the whole way.

So could it be that our inner strength will win out if we just give it the opportunity? That our true selves emerge once we release our fears (and realize those fears are actually a bunch of bunk)?

In August 2017, I launched my Reiki and animal communication practice and it was terrifying. What would everyone think of me as an energy worker who talks to animals? But something came over me again, and I “stepped out of the boat” and into a new life. Later I realized I launched my practice one year to the day that I visited the Healing Hole.

...And then I heard the Healing Hole drop its mic.

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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