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The BIG Commitment

This week, my sister-in-law gave my teenage niece a driving lesson. Even though her daughter was doing great behind the wheel, my sister-in-law couldn’t help but feel like the typical nervous parent. At one point, my niece realized she was tentatively keeping her foot on the break the whole time and wondered what it would feel like to just hit the gas. So they went to a quiet road where my niece pushed the accelerator and got the car up to the 30 mph speed limit. They both let out a roller-coaster-ride scream and then burst into laughter. To my niece, it felt exhilarating to commit full-on to that gas pedal and release her fears. (My sister-in-law is still recovering emotionally.)

This made me realize something about Mr. Big, the horse I worked with in Costa Rica last April. (Read about him here.) One day, I was instructed to ride Mr. Big bareback (this was scary, as I had been nervous even in a saddle) and intuitively tell him to walk to a fence post of my choosing without directing him physically. I picked a post behind us to the left, focused my intention in my heart and mind, really worked on calming myself, and intuitively told him where to go. Not only did he walk to that exact post, he approached it at an angle, then backed up and approached it straight on. It was like he was saying, “I want you to be sure I know this is the post you picked. (And I’m gonna do a good job parking, too.)” Talk about exhilarating!

I was so floored, I did it three more times—concentrating on my intention instead of my fear—and he went right where I wanted him to each time. Mr. Big received my message loud and clear—I full-on committed to what I wanted (with no doubts) and he made it happen.

When we take an action that’s right in line with our true self, that we know feels good to us in our hearts, the universe has to react in kind—that’s the metaphysical law. My niece felt the desire to let go of hesitation and hit the gas…she did it, and she got a surge of energy. I replaced my fears with a safe feeling in my heart and was led right to my destination.

The next time you want something to happen, commit with your heart and soul, trust it, and feel how good it feels. I promise when that fence post appears in front of you, you’ll feel like bursting out laughing.

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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