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Time to Work Together

I participated in a global meditation on Saturday night to send healing and love to the world during the pandemic. The event’s invitation made the rounds on Facebook, and the goal was to get one million people to participate. I don’t know how many people did, but after the meditation we finally showed signs of a plateau in new cases in New York State. No doubt at all, self-isolating and shutting everything down is an enormously huge factor in the plateau. I believe the meditation contributed too.

The other day in a podcast I heard someone say, “The virus doesn’t move itself. We move it.” How true—we move it by coughing or sneezing, from moving our hand to our face.

But we move the good energy too. Our own energy affects what we attract in life. Reiki is literally the movement of healing energy. The global meditation had us moving healing energy through every human, animal, and the planet itself. If we can move the virus, we can move the healing light.

The day after the meditation, I pulled the Wolf card from my deck of Archangel Animal cards. It hit me like a ton of bricks. In the weeks before the pandemic was a thing in New York, I randomly drew the Wolf card from my forty-four-card deck every day, over and over again, without understanding why. Its message of “Be independent but work together” didn’t resonate with my life experience at the time, but it couldn’t be clearer now.

The message is so literal to our taking care of ourselves and our community by self -isolating. We’re all alone but we’re all alone together for the greater good. In the cards’ guidebook, it explains the Wolf’s mission is to spread the golden light. (That’s exactly what we did in the mediation.)

The Wolf entry also says, “Look for like-minded others…as together you can fulfill your mission more effectively than if you work alone.”

The day after the global mediation, one of our cats got in the cat tree and the other in the window, which they've never let each other do before at the same time. Each one has always needed to dominate both the tree and window while banishing the other. Faro and Calla can’t be more individual, but are now working together.

We’re all individuals on a journey toward creating a community on a higher level than before. And we’re being shown we have the ability to be alone and be brave and come together all at once.

I’m taking one day at a time, knowing the planet isn’t anywhere near the end of this. But the wolf card is actually the very last card listed in the guidebook. And I pulled it again today. I know we’ll see the end of this and have a greater understanding of what we have the power to move.

Sending love and healing to all ❤️

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