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The Cosmic Special Delivery

The other night as I was going to bed, I was pretty stressed about a decision I had made. I asked my guides to show me the three-digit number that my grandmother usually shows me, as confirmation I was making the right choice. After asking, I randomly looked at my phone and saw the three digits of the number (though not in order) in the time display. So then for kicks I said to my guides, “Please show me the digits in order. Thank you.” Then I went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up and looked at email on my computer. Immediately my eyes went to the upper left corner of my screen, where I saw the three-digit number I asked for—in correct sequence—displaying the total number of emails in my inbox. Right after that, I got on Facebook and at the top of my feed was an ad listing the exact three-digit number. Next, I picked up my phone to look at a game app and the three-digit number appeared in the score. I’d seen the digits in the right order three times within minutes of each other. I’d never expected such a cosmic triple whammy.

I started thinking about why we would ever think the things we want are out of reach. Why we’d think the universe would ever deliver in a mundane way...Years ago I used to play the flute and friends would ask me to play at their weddings. At one ceremony in a church in the woods of Connecticut, I remember hoping really hard that everything would go beautifully for my friend the bride, including my flute playing, as I always got a bit nervous. During my performance in front of a floor-to-ceiling window, a deer walked out of the woods, approached the window and tilted his head. I couldn’t see him behind me, but everyone said it was like a perfect Disney movie, and what a beautiful indication of a happy future.

Eight years ago when I stood on a street corner waiting for a light to change, I asked the universe if the Reiki appointment I was on my way to would really help my chronic health issues. (This was before I ever studied Reiki.) As soon as I asked, a tiny white feather zoomed in front of my face at eye level. It flipped around three times and zoomed away in the opposite direction from which it came. Never had I expected an immediate answer, much less a right-in-front-of-my-eyes, angel-like one.

Whenever you hope, know that the universe can outdo. In my stress the other night, I needed to be reminded that the universe never lets us down and is the expert at surprise and divine timing. The formula? Expect the unexpected, trust and let go, then open the door for an outrageously special delivery (because that’s how the universe always rolls). ✨✨✨

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