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My Top 3 Secrets to Manifesting in 2021

At the beginning of a new year, it’s natural to think of fresh starts and what we want to create for ourselves. When you hear about manifesting, it’s usually centered on being specific about what you want and acting or feeling like you already have it. These are excellent points and I stand behind them. But in the past few years I’ve discovered some deeper techniques that I’ve found really powerful—recently they’ve helped me attract things like a great relationship and an awesome new apartment.

You may think, hey, the world is in limbo right now and there’s a lot of lack and uncertainty. To that I say, yes, you CAN still manifest, and it’s the perfect time to enhance your creative skills.

Here are 3 key things to boost your manifesting now:

1. Know what to want.

This goes a little deeper than just knowing what you want. It’s about keeping the vibration high and asking for your greatest and highest good, as opposed to being competitive or thinking you “should” have this thing by now in your life. Your happiness is not dependent on the thing you’re asking for—instead, it will enhance your vibration and the vibrations around you. So even if it’s more money, a new job, or boyfriend, this thing you want will help you grow and express your authentic self in some way.

2. Know you deserve it.

This one was a challenge for me initially. I was in the space of, who am I to ask for this amazing thing? I see other people enjoying life’s pleasures, but those things just don’t happen to me. So, that’s rubbish, really. I read that the odds of being born are one in 400 trillion. That makes each one of our existences incredibly special. We all make mistakes, but that’s because we’re human, and we’re here to learn. Bottom line, we’re all made of energy, love and light, so of course we deserve to feel good, catch a break, and enjoy ourselves.

3. Know the universe can deliver beyond what you've imagined up.

You may be saying, I don’t know…I can imagine quite a bit. Our human brains have incredible creative skills, but no matter how far they reach, the universe can go farther. So don’t hold back, and truly expect the unexpected. This opens up awesome energy for amazing stuff to flow in. (See #1—you’ve asked for this thing to be for your greatest and highest good, and no one knows how to deliver that better than the universe.)

Years ago, I knew I wanted to adopt a cat. I stayed in the energy of faith that I’d somehow find the match that would be for my (and the cat’s) greatest good. I was happy in my job and happy with where I lived. I knew the cat would enhance my life and that I had tons of love to offer. Eventually, a coworker emailed me a picture of a cat that an acquaintance had been fostering for two years. That cat’s name was Willow, I adopted her, and for eight years had a deeper experience with her than I ever thought possible. She is what led me to animal communication and Reiki, and those things ultimately changed my life for the even better.

See? The sky’s the limit when you’re operating in love, worthiness, and cosmic magic. Now go manifest like it’s 2021. ✨✨✨

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