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Letting the Light In

The other day I was feeling angst about the conflicts happening across the country, from leadership on down to civilians. After my meditation, I randomly pulled the Dove card (peace and harmony) from my Archangel Animals deck. The guide book for the Dove says they’re also connected to pigeons and whenever you hear cooing, the birds are trying to help soothe us and open us up to elevated thoughts and possibilities.

Later that day just as I was logging on to a daily mediumship class on Zoom, two large pigeons landed on the fire escape outside my window, right behind my laptop. They immediately started cooing, and it’s a miracle my cats didn’t come running to try to pounce on them through the screen. Instead, I had a quiet moment with them finding serenity and opening up to possibilities.

In the mediumship class the day before, my practice partner brought through my grandmother with amazingly detailed accuracy. Then she said, “There’s something important about earrings.” I assumed she meant earrings belonging to my grandmother, but I don’t have any. I replied that maybe my mother has them and made a mental note to ask her.

Two days later, having forgotten to pass on the earring message, I received a text from my mom telling me she found earrings that had been missing for five months—and she knew finding them was a gift from my grandmother. Why? Because that day’s date was the same sequence of digits as my grandmother’s house number—the number she shows to us (on clocks, receipts, game scores, etc.) every time she wants to tell us she’s here and supporting us.

Yesterday I saw a post that said the Himalayan Mountains were visible for the first time in thirty years, due to a decrease in India’s pollution. The images are stunning, like there’s an angelic white presence hovering in the sky, dropped down from the heavens.

Although the news is getting better in some ways, this time can still be the most enormously grief-inducing, fear-inducing situation we humans have had to deal with in this lifetime. But I believe the universe is trying to show us the light whenever it can. The support shows up from animals (even from the outside when we can’t go outside), our loved ones in spirit, and the earth itself.

Did a little thing like finding earrings make my mom feel better during this time? Yes—it didn’t make the whole situation go away, but it raised the vibration in that moment. As did the pigeons, as do the majestic Himalayas.

I say here’s to letting the light in, wherever it wants to magically appear. ✨

Sending love to all. 💜

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