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I often talk about how the universe is programmed to support us—it’s flowing in that direction all the time, without fail. Often it’s so much easier to believe that the world is against us or that the worst will happen. But just a little shift in perspective can make it clear how everything is naturally rigged to be in our favor.

I read a passage by Marianne Williamson the other day where she talks about what the universe doesn’t do: “The universe will never support us in an attachment to form…Love is not form; it is content.” She goes on to say that the universe won’t always give us exactly what we want, but it guarantees that love will always prevail for us.

The time in my life when I was really most mad at the universe for not giving me what I wanted was when my cat Willow passed. I’d adopted her when she was two and she passed at ten, so I had a total of eight years with her. For those eight years, I always had it in my head that she’d live until at least 18. (Great psychic intuition, right?) The truth is, I wanted nothing more than for her to live until age 18 or beyond—that was my picture of us both living our best lives.

Willow passed right before I started studying Reiki (a few years before I studied animal communication). About six months into my Reiki studies, my teacher saw how deep in grief I still was and recommended I listen to an animal communicator’s talk she’d heard online. The talk blew my mind, and I immediately booked a reading with the animal intuitive. That reading gave me great comfort, a deeper wisdom about my relationship with Willow, and truly helped me start moving through the grief.

Because I’d experienced that intuitive reading, two years later when my animal Reiki clients began talking to me during sessions, I wondered if what I was experiencing was true animal communication. I got back in touch with the animal communicator and started studying with her. And then my whole life changed—no more corporate job, a new full time woo-woo career, a relationship, a move—everything I’d always wanted but never actually realized I’d wanted.

I’m in awe every time I think of the timing of Willow’s passing and how everything played out. If I hadn’t experienced that loss, my Reiki teacher wouldn’t have led me to discover animal communication. If I hadn’t had that reading, I wouldn’t have known to develop that skill and realize a whole other level of love and healing.

Marianne says that the universe supports our self-actualization, and sometimes that means we experience not getting what we want, so that we can know we’ll still be ok and find a way to still have faith…and then that energy ultimately attracts in the stuff that’s for our greatest and highest good that we couldn’t possibly have foreseen.

Yes of course I’d still want Willow to be living today (she’d be 19), but those eight years I had with her and the years I’ve had connecting with her since are the epitome of that "love content" that Marianne talks about.

When we detach from the form of what we think we want and have faith that our soul’s path is being supported by higher wisdom, we see the universe is in fact the best content provider around. ❤️

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Kate Foggo
Kate Foggo
May 24, 2021

I love your writing Julie, it's so heartfelt but also beautifully crafted. This was exactly the theme I'm living at the moment, and you captured it perfectly and touchingly. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and wonderful story telling with us.

Replying to

Thank you Kate! That means so much coming from a wonderful writer such as yourself. I'm so glad the message resonated with you. And I'm super glad we've connected -- I'm sure the universe's "love content" had something to do with it :)

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