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The Heart Knows

Almost every day in my morning meditation, I drop into my heart and connect in with Calla, the rescue kitty we adopted a few months ago. Yesterday I asked her to show me anything she wanted, and I saw a visual of her running through grass and climbing a tree. She told me, “I wanna go outside. That’s how I used to get my ya-yas out.”

I don’t know much about Calla’s life before she got to the rescue, but her message made sense to me—she often races around the apartment and jumps on things in a frenzied, hyper-frisky state.

About thirty minutes after my meditation, my boyfriend called to me from the other room and said, “I have a feeling Calla wants to go outside.” I didn’t tell him about my morning communication, and he’s not an animal communicator like me. Calla had jumped in the window by his desk like she often does, but this time he got a message. She was still talking about going outside.

Back in 2017, I assisted in teaching an intuitive animal communication course out of town. One evening, we had the class connect with my cat at the time, and each student received awesome details about her life and personality. When I got home, my cat-sitter told me one evening she was sitting with my cat on the couch and heard the sentence, “I am honored." She felt it was coming from my cat, but she didn’t understand the meaning.

My cat-sitter isn’t an animal communicator either, but she heard my cat’s message. It was the day after my cat had talked to the students in my class, and I knew she was expressing her honor to serve as an additional TA.

This week I read about heart intelligence—that we have intelligent cells in our hearts that hold and transmit information. (We know we emit electromagnetic information through an EKG.) I read that stars have codes of energy and information that transmit through space forever…and we’re made up of matter and energy derived from ancient stars.

Then this morning I randomly pulled the Whale spirit animal card that says, “Some things cannot be known by the mind, only experienced by the heart…”, that it’s time to trust in the invisible.

I intentionally drop into my heart when I communicate with animals. I know my boyfriend and my cat-sitter have heart connections to the cats who sent them messages. Think about how many times you’ve heard or said, “I know it in my heart” and “if I listen to my heart…”. Imagine that our hearts are sending and receiving information all the time and all we need to do is listen.

It’s a way to connect to animals, but also to your body, plants, angels, loved ones…

Today I’m trusting that my heart will tell me how to help Calla feel outside while in our Brooklyn apartment. Who knows what else it will tell me?

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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