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What’s Your Why?

This past weekend, I attended a workshop for healing practitioners. I was expecting it to be all about best business practices, but to my surprise, we spent a significant amount of time discussing why we do what we do, instead of what we do or how we do it.

And the cool thing is that you could see everyone light up when they talked about the why. For me, the why felt like it was coming from my heart, as opposed to my head which governed the what and how.

Then I realized, I talk about my why all the time—it's that magic I'm always mentioning.

Energy feels like magic, but it’s real. Real magic. And it’s accessible to every one of us because it is us and it’s all around us.

When I first learned how to practice Reiki, it was the most beautiful thing I had felt in my life—like viscerally feeling compassion in my body and soul.

When I learned to intuitively connect to animals and guides, the wisdom they shared was the most beautiful thing I’d ever heard.

Last December, I wrote a blog post about my client Susan whose dog showed me herself on the other side dancing in a tutu in pure joy. A few days later, Susan ran into someone walking a dog the same breed as hers, in a tutu. The person invited Susan to pick her dog up, and when Susan did, she felt a rush of love from her dog on the other side.

I had another reading with Susan the other day where I connected to her other dog who’s alive. During the reading, Susan's dog and guides came through with a ton of messages of support to help her with a current tough situation. I could see so clearly the universe surrounding her with love and guidance from all directions.

A few hours after the reading, Susan emailed me to say she saw an unusual cloud formation in the sky. She snapped a pic (above), and realized it was a heart in the middle of storm clouds. To her it was another sign from the universe of its always present support.

And I thought, there's the magic that I love.

There are always things that will annoy us about our jobs, but if you really think about why you do what you do, it opens your heart. If there’s nothing you like about what you do, that’s information too, and you always have a choice.

The sky’s the limit.

And it’s all about the magic. 🙌

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