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The Benefits of Being Connected

Here’s an update on last week’s blog about my niece Sam’s cat Basil: He’s still BCOC—Big Cat (on the lam) On Campus.

For almost two weeks after he took off, Sam hadn’t seen Basil, but he had been spotted regularly by other students and campus security. After her close friend spotted him recently, Sam had a revelation. She realized that while her friend had been continuously connecting to the universe, asking for help in spotting Basil, Sam herself had been feeling disconnected. Sam feels connected when she works with her favorite crystals, so she decided to give it a shot.

Cut to Sam then seeing Basil twice in two days. This involved some sprinting, some stopping and looking at each other, and Basil ultimately taking off again, continuing his adventure.

Basil finally gave Sam a glimpse of himself…but not before she realized that a feeling of connection was what she had been missing.

At the same time as the second Basil sighting, I was doing my own connecting at Possibilities Farm in Wilton, Connecticut. I went there for a “Dancing with Horses” workshop, which to me sounded like the best thing ever to do on a Sunday afternoon.

Our group began by dancing however the spirit moved us to groovy music, across the pasture from the farm’s resident horses. I, being in (perhaps over eager) professional-animal-communicator mode, danced facing the faraway horses, asking for any messages they had for me. Mere, the white horse, proceeded to tell me that I didn’t have to connect with them yet. “Connect to the earth, the music, the trees. Feel the freedom,” she told me.

And so I did—I even connected with the other dancers. And when it came time later to connect with Mere one-on-one, I felt a lot more centered, and I felt her calm heart energy click into mine. She told me, “This is what it’s all about. This quiet connection, letting all else go.”

That’s all our animals ever want from us —finding our center, letting go of worries, and feeling the love. When I was really in the zone of that connection, Mere chose to take a graceful walk with me to the music. (And when a horse willingly chooses to walk beside you, it’s the best feeling in the universe.)

Basil? He has his own very unique way of confirming that Sam is connected. Me, I’m still fighting the urge to ask him to just walk with her. But I’m realizing there is no push in connection, just allow. And so the lessons from Basil the Cat Professor continue...

It’s all about the magic. 🙌

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